Come Round

  • Genre:Food - Reality Show
  • Audience: General Viewer
  • Duration:120'
  • Time Slot and Period:Off Prime Time - Weekdays
  • Country of Broadcast:Turkey (2014)


If you say that I welcome the best guest and if you look into the eyes of your guests and understand my guests’ wishes, COME ROUND is just for you!

For the first time, couples will accommodate guests and three couples will compete for three days!

At the end of each day, the host couple will be considered by guests according to hospitality and food.

After 3 days, the couple who gets maximum point, will have gorgeous car as prize!

COME ROUND is a completely different program where couples will exhibit their skills, especially hospitality!

If you say I cook the best food with my wife, if you say we welcome the best guest, "COME ROUND" is waiting for you.

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